Financial Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Ledger Leads is an active player in bringing together lenders and borrowers in business/corporate financing. Since 2004, we have been working with financial institutions and intermediaries in implementing best practices financing leads lead generation and appointment setting. Ledger Leads continues to be a leading provider of telemarketing solutions tailored for the financial sector.

Our telemarketing appointment setters are here to place your brand of financing in front of your desired clients and ahead of your competitors. With a database of contacts across various levels, sectors, and areas, your marketing message is sure to reach key decision makers such as:

  • Business Owners
  • CEO
  • Business Development Managers
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • VP Finance
  • Finance Operations Managers
  • Chief Credit Officer
  • Financial Control Officer/Corporate Controller
  • Senior Financial Analysts

Ledger Leads has in-depth domain expertise in a number of key financing market segments including:

Corporate Financing. Ledger Leads helps facilitate the flow of funds from lending institutions to corporate borrowers through tailored corporate telemarketing programs. Our financing lead generation process makes use of a custom database of potential candidates for business loans based on your target market. We qualify each prospect according to strict screening standards. Our appointment setting protocol ensures all potential borrowers completely understand our clients’ financing terms and structure. We cover a diverse pool of corporate financing vehicles including: short-term lending, leased financing, merchant loans, and many others.

Trade Financing. Financing institutions helping businesses meet short-term cash flow or working capital requirements can turn to Ledger Leads for better sales opportunities in this dynamic market. Our telemarketing specialists are skilled in promoting your accounts receivable financing, factoring, asset-based lending, and letter of credit financing services to your desired borrower profile. Along with our proprietary financing lead generation database, we guarantee a highly-targeted sales campaign and enhanced prospecting results.

Commercial Real Estate Financing. Ledger Leads has considerable expertise in delivering commercial mortgage sales appointments and financing leads for lending institutions and intermediaries looking to expand their client base. Our lead generation process actively seeks loan requests for commercial real estate transactions and matches them to our clients’ requirements. We are well-experienced in marketing commercial real estate financing products such as loans for commercial construction, residential development projects, income property, lines of credit, etc.

Commercial Lending. Ledger Leads closely works with institutions and intermediaries for finding quality commercial lending leads, loan leads and appointments. We keep a strong focus on coming up with financing leads that meet our clients’ expectations while also setting sales appointments with prospects who know what to anticipate from our customers’ sales teams. Our telemarketers and appointment setters have a solid background in marketing commercial loan products such as acquisition loans, development loans, asset-based loans, bridge loans, etc.

Debt Financing. Here at Ledger Leads, organizations that help businesses cope up with their debt financing needs can find a wealth of opportunities for marketing their expertise. We generate debt financing leads by finding businesses needing assistance with working capital requirements or capital expenditures. We can help promote your debt financing advice, fundraising, assistance, strategic consulting, and other services to a more targeted audience from various industries/sectors, operating scale, and geographic locations.

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