Insurance Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Ledger Leads is the perfect marketing partner for insurance agents, brokers, and companies. With years of experience closely working with different providers and resellers, successfully promoting specific insurance solutions, our insurance lead generation and appointment setting team can take your marketing campaign to a whole new level while staying well within your budget and requirements.

Our telemarketing resources can potentially become among your most valuable marketing assets. We provide a pool of telemarketing specialists in close collaboration with clients to conduct an effective campaign. Our proprietary contact database houses a universe of insurance leads and insurance appointments ready to be tapped. Our insurance marketing expertise extends into the following areas:

Life Insurance. Ledger Leads adds a whole new dimension to setting up life insurance appointments ripe for conversion. Our years of experience in life insurance lead generation have made us keenly aware of the special challenges and opportunities that come with marketing these policies. Our experience in this market includes segments such as term, whole life, universal, variable life, etc.

Employee Benefits. Ledger Leads also has extensive experience in and has made considerable research on employee benefits lead generation and appointment setting. We have been setting insurance professionals on appointments with employers looking for the best policies on health and supplemental benefits that meet both their requirements and their employees’ needs.

Commercial Insurance. Ledger Leads gives you that extra boost you need to improve the sales performance of your commercial insurance plans. We go beyond generating top-quality business insurance leads. We deliver commercial insurance appointments waiting to be closed. Our appointment setters make sure scheduled meetings are kept warm through continuous follow-up and verification.

Auto Insurance. Ledger Leads delivers solid and proven auto insurance leads and appointments that are as sales-ready as possible. Our professional telemarketers are well-versed with different auto insurance policies from auto liability coverage, personal injury protection, medical payments, collision, all the way to comprehensive insurance. Each auto insurance lead or appointment you acquire from Ledger Leads is essentially a closed sales deal to be picked up by your agents.

Property Insurance. Telemarketing professionals here at Ledger Leads are experts at generating property insurance leads and appointments covering aviation, crop, natural disasters, home, special property, and other policies. Our process enables us to produce high quality leads and appointments in real time for real results that your reps can easily translate into sales.

Accident, Sickness, & Unemployment (ASU) Insurance. Ledger Leads allows you to better tap into the vast opportunities that Accident, Sickness & Unemployment (ASU) insurance as well as Income Protection (IP) policies have to offer. We make sure that the insurance appointments we set are genuinely looking for advice so that your presentation reaches an interested audience.

We want our clients to experience the complete benefit of choosing Ledger Leads. We want our expertise to give clients the insurance lead generation and appointment setting edge they need to get in front of the competition and stay ahead. That is why Ledger Leads combines talent and technology through a process designed for effective marketing in the financial sector.

To find out more about how Ledger Leads can improve your marketing and sales performance, contact us today.