Merchant Services

Ledger Leads has solid experience putting merchant and other payment processing solutions in front of decision-makers from a number of industries and verticals. With our vast database that includes retailers, branch managers, store operators, etc., our telemarketing experts help you find your next client from your target market.

From brick-and-mortar stores to ecommerce businesses, we can provide the information you need to run a trusted, targeted marketing campaign for your particular brand of merchant services:

Credit Card Processing – We don’t just find you the best clients. Our qualification process is thorough enough to identify businesses certified to purchase credit processing products and services. We also classify prospects according to the criteria you specify and can adjust campaign tactics based on ongoing results.

POS Systems – Ledger Leads helps POS system vendors reach and capture opportunities through targeted lead generation and appointment setting. We identify qualified leads by finding retail merchants whose needs closely match the POS solution you’re offering and screening these candidates further for interest and authority.

Ledger Leads also has extensive experience helping e-commerce system vendors, online transaction processing platform sellers, and payment gateway providers maximize sales performance. We reach out to prospects that closely fit your payment solution and screen them further for interest and buying authority.

Talk to us today and find out more about how we can put your merchant services solutions in front of people that really matter.